10^x and Execution

You know you ultimately want to have an impact on <insert what you think is important here>, and you want to maximise your chances of having maximal impact towards that, but there will still be many roads to Rome, some fuzzier than others. So how do you do…

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Is GDP the right metric?

I recently read Tyler Cowen's Stubborn Attachments, which argues that we should be focusing on maximising the rate of sustainable economic growth and discusses why that is the most important thing to target. This sparked many questions for me about what we should be optimising for (GDP? Leisure time?). In…

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Ending a news habit

I used to read a lot of short news stories, especially during dead moments when reaching for my phone was the habitual action to take. This felt useful in the moment as I learned something about the state of the world that I didn't know yet, which pretty much is…

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